AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver Installation Issues Tackled With New Version

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(Image credit: Alberto Garcia Guillen/Shutterstock)

Last month, AMD released a new chipset driver, but unfortunately, it was known to get stuck during the installation. Today, AMD dropped Ryzen chipset driver version, which is supposed to fix the installation issues from the last version.

The faulty installer wasn’t a problem everybody experienced, and those who did have the problem likely saw the driver installed correctly in the background anyway, But it was a nuisance nonetheless. 

Other fixed issues brought on by the new driver version include resolving the inability to install to a non-C:\ drive location, a screen rotation bug on certain mobile AMD CPUs and a fixes system halt on 7th-generation AMD A-Series APUs.

Aside from the installer fixes, the new driver doesn’t add all too much. It removed a handful of deprecated device IDs from the IOV and USB 3.0 drivers and added system stability improvements. 

We installed the driver on our X370 test system with an AMD RYzen 7 1800X CPU and experienced no issues. Of course, one system is not enough to confirm the fix, but at least we didn’t experience the 30-second installer hang that we got last time.

The AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver is compatible with AMD chipsets ranging from the A320 series up to X570 on the mainstream platform, as well as A399 and TRX40 Threadripper platforms. You can find the download for your system here.